About Sheryl Hicks

Sheryl Hicks is an artist and teacher from Wickham. She has spent her life living between Perth and Roebourne and has taught in schools across the Pilbara. Sheryl began experimenting with art as a way of expressing her culture and her experiences as an Aboriginal woman. Her painting style is unique to her personal experiences and interpretations. Sheryl has exhibited her work in the Pilbara and Perth. Currently the principal at a remote school, Sheryl still finds time to paint, sending her artworks in to Yinjaa-Barni Art once completed.

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Wildflowers Gardangu Bush Lolly Tree

This is the sugar lolly tree before the flowers have fallen off. When the flowers falloff we go out bush and find the bush gum lolly (the lolly is the sap that oozes out of the tree)