About Nina Smith

Nina Smith is an artist from Wittenoom who started painting in 2010. Nina is a Bunjima woman; her Country is Tom Price.You will notice the different language names in her work, indicative of the unique cultural diversity of the Pilbara region. Nina draws on her personal history, including childhood memories of collecting bush foods, and native medicinal plants from her home Country around Wittenoom and Tom Price, as her subject matter. Nina turns to her mother, a well-respected elder in the community, and her older sister as enduring points of reference for her paintings, seeking their inspiration and information about Country. She also paints honey ants and bush ants, and although not part of her ancestral Country, she likes to paint sea turtles as she derives so much joy from watching them. Her artwork has been exhibited in both solo and group shows in the Pilbara, Perth, and Sydney.

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Bush Potato Gulya (Bamjima)

The vine of this plant climbs up the trees. You dig under the ground where you see the cracks, dig it up with a digging stick and follow the roots until you find the potato. Then you cook it on the top of the coals, or you can bury it under the hot ashes.