About Maudie Jerrold

Yindjibarndi elder and founding member of the region’s first art groups, Bunjinhurrba, Maudie Jerrrold ia part of the backbone of Pilbara Aboriginal art.

Born in 1950 at Hooley station near Wittenoom and raised in Roeborune, Maudie has witnessed and helped guide her community through dramatic lifestyle changes. Maudie’s artwork relates to the landscape of Yinjibarndi and Ngarluma Country, paying specific attention to the flora of the area including the medicinal and ceremonial purposes of each plant. She is an inspiration to other member artists and has regular solo exhibitions.

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The Seagulls and Cormack Birds

Seagulls and Cormack's are one of the common ocean birds. During the day they fly together in flocks swooping down in the sea to catch fish with their sharp beaks. Night fall they sleep together in flocks to keep watch if any predator comes in they alert each other. They remind me of our tribe, we flock together as family we help and look after one another. It has always been that way for my people.