About Clifton Mack (dec)

Clifton Mack (1952 - 2019) was an elder of the Yindjibarndi people. Clifton started painting in 2001; his art represented his Pilbara Country and its stories. He expressed love for his land and his culture in his distinctive and small patches of colour laid out in lines. Mr Mack's beautiful artworks took form in layered colours and overlapping patterns to create dimensional depth which combined both traditional and contemporary influences. Mr Mack's father was revered Yindjibarndi Rainmaker Long Mack who carried the knowledge of water for his people. Knowledge of water, its locations, seasons, and an intimate understanding of the freshwater-bringing serpent Warlu, is a fundamental tenet of Yindjibarndi lore. Much of Mr Mack's work related this mindset of water and its flow through Yindjibarndi Country.

Print details

Fortescue Ochres

The lines running through the red rocks and the varying colors of the ochres in the rock face as the sun moves across it.

Country Bluebells

The Country Bluebell is one of the common flowers growing on the edges of the river bank and around the edge of hillsides. It also grows in open plains country.

Birlin Birlin

At the Birlin Birlin, where it all began, you can see where the dance began the morning star and the footprints in the rock. Passing on these stories keeps us strong and our culture alive.